Biotin for Beard

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A beard is usually seen as a symbol of manliness. Maintaining them has a lot to do with a person’s care and styling. As unfortunate as it may sound, loads of individuals out there struggle with their beard since the bad genetics argument also plays a role over here. To top it all, most brands heavily push products that do little or no good to boost the hair growth process. So, a mere pursuit for a thick beard may appear to be an outlandish dream for all the beard lovers out there.

Most industry experts would say that it’s not possible to attain desirable beard growth with unfavorable genetics. However, if proper efforts are taken to provide the healthiest possible environment for hair growth, one does stand a chance of realizing the secret dream of an epic beard. So, instead of blaming one’s genetics, one can focus on the things that can be controlled. Ironically, a majority of the people out there do not realize that the key to this equation primarily revolves around their diet.

For instance, Biotin for the beard is not unheard about. However, not many people have been able to cite the benefits of Biotin for beard growth. Biotin is an essential water-soluble vitamin, which is widely known for stimulating hair growth. Biotin (vitamin B7) contains Vitamin B6, C, and E. All these nutrients strengthen and speed up the hair growth process. In other words, Biotin is a complex vitamin that enables our body to metabolize protein, carbohydrate, and fat to create the much-needed fuel required for the growth of healthy hair cells. It also plays a crucial role in producing fatty acids in our body that are instrumental for healthy nerves, skin, and hair.

For those who don’t know, our hair structure is made up of keratin. An increase in keratin results into thicker and faster hair growth. Biotin helps our body to produce this important component naturally. Therefore, increase in Biotin intake can lead to healthier, fuller and stronger hair. Apart from the beard, one might observe good results in eye brows and eye lashes as well.

Regular consumption of foods such as carrots, almonds, mushrooms, berries, cauliflower, egg yolks, bananas, nutritional yeast, tuna, avocados, whole wheat beard and milk products can ensure that you do not run into biotin deficiency. As a result, you can expect your hair and skin to be in optimal condition. Food sources are definitely the best choice, but it’s not for everyone. It’s hard for most people to follow a religious diet plan each and every day. Moreover, a small dosage from a less than perfect diet plan would not do much good for people who are keen on obtaining quick results.

Another problem over here is that our body is not capable of storing Biotin. It’s excreted through the urine once the body uses the desired dosage. This implies that you will have to consume biotin rich foods frequently to experience better results. Remember, your diet may contain some Biotin, but the dosage may not be enough to promote hair growth. The use of Biotin supplement can prove to be helpful over here since Biotin is widely available in the form of a supplement.

In light of the growing demand for beard supplements, various companies have launched their products with the hope of capturing this market. However, most of these products have very little to no credibility with respect to science. So, it would be more practical to go with Biotin rich products that do enjoy a good reputation in the market.

An ideal Biotin supplement should have all the ingredients that are essential to help your hair follicles draw required nutrients from the blood. As such, the biotinidase enzyme present in our intestines ensures smooth passage of Biotin into our bloodstream. Also, Biotin is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that are instrumental in keeping our hair healthy. So, it covers all the bases to maximize beard growth naturally.

Remember, if the nutrients needed for hair growth doesn’t exist, spending money on any random product would only create a hole in your wallet. The chosen product should feed your body with desired nutrients that the hair requires for stimulating beard growth. So, if your beard is taking light-years to grow, you can stimulate faster growth by incorporating Biotin in your diet through food or supplement.

People who have been diagnosed with Biotin deficiency can benefit the most from Biotin supplements. Deficiency of this vitamin can be experienced through many symptoms such as brittle nails, hair loss, and dry skin. As such, alcohol consumption, smoking, and chronic liver ailments are cited to be some of the reasons for Biotin deficiency. So, daily consumption of Biotin supplement can help one correct the deficiency. As a result, one can reverse the hair loss process by stimulating new hair growth with the aid of a good Biotin supplement.

There are no known side effects of Biotin supplements since excess is flushed out of the body through the urine. However, an overdose would waste your supply and your hard-earned money. Therefore, it’s best recommended to consult a physician for the correct dosage as the Biotin level differs from one person to another. So, one of the primary things would be to know how much Biotin is actually needed for your body. Also, one should consume lots of water during the entire course of the day to ensure proper absorption of the dietary supplement.

The general consensus is that a good quality Biotin product does work since it improves keratin infrastructure. However, the results from Biotin supplements can be ambiguous. It differs from person to person since genetic plays a dominant role in hair growth. Some people may experience faster results, while others might have to play the waiting game longer than those with good hair genetics. That being said, Biotin is a great hope for those who haven’t given up on their dream of adding some extra charm to their face. Since science does back the benefits of Biotin for hair growth, it’s worth a shot. You never know, Biotin for beard can prove to be the game-changer for you!