Important Information on Panic Attack Prevention

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Ironically, panic attacks can occur completely out of the blue, and make one feel helpless, exhausted and terrified. As symptoms peak, some sufferers may even feel like they are about to die. Recent statistics suggest that nearly 6 million Americans suffer from panic disorders. In some cases, doctors are unable to pinpoint the exact reason for panic attacks. As a result, a patient may have to bounce from one doctor to another to find relief from the condition. Luckily, panic attacks are very much treatable. Below are some panic attack prevention tips to avoid its occurrence in the first place.

Stop scaring the hell out of yourself

To halt or minimize panic attacks, you should ensure that panic attacks do not overrun your life. You should be in the driver’s seat taking back control in order to beat panic attack. Although powerful, panic attacks can be tamed. They have no special powers. They simply draw strength from your fear. Remember, it takes clues from you. If you feel that a certain situation is scary, then your panic response will tag that situation as threatening. So, you will have to de-escalate the situation by not believing everything at the heat of the moment.

Learn to be reflective and not reactive by working on your negative thoughts. Remind yourself that the panic attack has a lifespan of no more than a few minutes, and you will be fine again. As you get better with your approach towards panic attack, you will be able to completely eliminate its occurrence at the starting point itself.

Indulge in deep breathing

Deep breathing is one of the best resources to beat panic attacks. When a person indulges in deep breathing, it creates a calming effect on the mind and body. One should keep breathing until the situation improves to prevent the symptoms from getting worse. Remember, there is no need to breathe too full or too fast. Ideally, one should breathe in for about 5 seconds, hold it for 2 seconds and then breathe out through the mouth for 6-7 seconds. Do nothing, but focus deeply on the breathing.

Splash cold water on your face

It’s a simple method that does the trick over here. Research shows that cold water face immersion reduces the severity and duration of a panic attack. It brings about a physiological change in our mind. When the cold water touches our face, it tricks our brain into believing that we are going underwater. As a result, our heart rate goes down, and our immune system is activated to tolerate the low oxygen levels under water. Remember, you should be using cold water only for this method. Room temperature water will not be of much help.

Meet the doctor

Panic attacks may not always be in your head. Sometimes, they could be a result of a health issue. For those who are not aware, some medical conditions have been linked with panic attacks. In such cases, it becomes necessary to be aware of the physical conditions that might be feeding panic attacks. Professional help can go a long way in preventing the incidences of a panic attack in one’s life. Depending upon the condition, it might sometimes require only a few visits to a doctor to find relief from panic attack.

Nothing, but a false alarm

Don’t let your imagination be your worst enemy, which is often the case with panic attack victims. Panic attacks will run out of gas sooner or later, so do not permit them to ruin your life. The fact of the matter is that panic attacks are not designed to go on forever. Nobody has ever lost his/her life because of a panic attack. Face them head on and you will emerge victorious!