Laid Off from work: How do you bounce back?

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Even those who were unhappy with their jobs had trouble absorbing the blow of a layoff. With companies struggling to stay afloat in this dwindling economy, layoff meetings have become quite common these days. Employees are shepherded into a meeting room and shown the exit door once and for all. That’s when the roaster coaster ride begins. In some cases, it proves to be a blessing in disguise. In other cases, it creates havoc in one’s life.

Goes without saying, the reaction to the situation depends upon one’s financial and emotional condition at the time of layoff. As unfortunate as it may sound, most farewells break the spirit of even the hardcore among us. So, how do you bounce back from this adversity? There are many things you should and shouldn’t do after being laid off from work to come out better on all accounts. Let’s have a look at them now.

Get into the right mindset

First and foremost, rest all your emotional rants. Remember, the first few days after the layoff is very crucial. So, be extremely wary of your thoughts and actions during the initial days. Take emotional support from your near and dear ones, and don’t get overwhelmed with negative thoughts. Be prepared to adapt to a modest lifestyle until your life gets back on track.

Accepting the situation gracefully

Remember, you weren’t fired. You were laid off from work. So, there is no reason to feel ashamed. The situation is neither disgraceful nor is it a crime. While it’s difficult to come to terms with layoffs, don’t confuse it with your self-worth. Remember, the layoff has nothing to do with your skills, talents or performance. It’s purely bad luck, and it can happen to just about any good employee out there. Moreover, your past does not have to define your future. You never know, this could be your walk up call. With a positive mindset and relentless efforts, you can turn this setback into a wonderful setup for an incredible opportunity in life.

Start Working out

Leading a corporate lifestyle always serves as an easy excuse for not taking care of one’s health. With no corporate ladder to climb right away, you can commit yourself to daily exercise and healthy eating. Apart from enjoying a healthier life, your accountability towards your health will put you in the right frame of mind to stay focused on other areas of life as well.

Have a full-proof plan

Once you begin to plan your future steps, your mind may go crazy with ideas. The fact of the matter is that it’s always a challenge to figure out the next move. In addition to exploring the job market, some people may advise you to take some time off for yourself. There will be others who might insist you to start your own business. There could be some partnership offers as well.

Remember, you are in charge of your own life. So, play your cards right and prepare a full-proof plan for a new beginning. You may want to set up more than one source of income so that you won’t be at somebody’s mercy, next time around. Also, weigh up your finances and be prepared to make necessary changes in your spending habits to best adapt to the prevailing situation.

A Well-Disguised Blessing

There are a good number of people out there who have moved on to something more fulfilling and rewarding after being laid off from their jobs. Their stories are not only career defining but also inspiring, to say the least. Their sole assets were sheer hard work, faith, hope, and confidence. So, hold on to your nerves and regain your self-esteem as soon as you can. With determined efforts, you are sure to witness a transition from a job hunter to a successful professional. Your career-defining story could be next!