Haven’t Quit Smoking Yet?

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“Put it down, before it puts you down.” Tobacco-related ailments claim at least one life in every six seconds. If you are hell-bent on arguing that everyone’s days are numbered on this planet, then here’s what you should know. Tobacco can lead to premature death by hammering your lungs beyond repair. Reports suggest that heavy smokers can cut their lives by as much as nine years. From sudden deaths to slow deaths, lots of graves out there are being dug for people who could have lived for many more years. Their only mistake was that they failed to quit smoking before the addiction got the better of them. In other words, an “artificial desire” took them down not just to the ground, but six feet underneath. Remember, smoking is not a natural need like eating and drinking. It’s an artificial need that has proven to be a silent killer of human life. Yet, people ignore all the risks and go on smoking.

Not to forget the fact that a pack-a-day smoker loses at least a few thousand dollars each year. Unless you decide to put your foot down, nothing about your smoking habits will change. You could still be asking your near and dear ones to wait outside in the hot sun while you finish your last cigarette. Your wife would still be complaining about your laundry that smells like smoke. You might still have trouble selling a car or a house because people generally dislike properties that are subjected to a lot of smoke. Your dating involvement will also take a hit because marriage proposals are largely limited to non-smokers. Once identified as a smoker, insurance companies will also take the liberty of charging you more for their policies. To top it all, if you fall prey to any health issue, your doctor may fill his wallet too at your expense. Basically, you will be at the losing end on all accounts. It’s like partaking in a no mercy mission. As someone rightly said, a cigarette always comes at a discount. It discounts one’s life and his/her wallet too.

In all regards, there is nothing good about smoking. Even those who think that they look cool while smoking actually look like a fool. You might not light as many cigarettes a day as much as your friend does, but you are still a smoker who is not fully hooked to smoking. There is no safe level of cigarette use. In reality, there are no valid justifications for smoking. Any and every justification is just an excuse to feed the long time slavery. The only good thing over here is that it’s never too late to quit smoking. Over time, one’s risk of falling prey to smoking related issues may fall to a level of lifetime non-smokers. That being said, leading a smoke-free life would not be an easy feat, especially for chain smokers. But keep in mind that there are ex-smokers who have traveled this road and have succeeded in quitting for good. Their best self-defense today is non-smoking. They refuse to perish into thin air just like the smoke exhaled from a cigarette. So, what’s your best self-defense?