When Life Sucks: Suicide?

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Life can be ruthless. You may invest in a graveyard and people will stop dying. You will honestly not know what could happen when life chooses you as its next victim. It’s only when you realize that hell awaits you at every corner, you will be convinced that staying motivated is harder than a full-time job. To make matters worse, there will be no voluntary break up with bad luck. Good or best shots, it will all end up outside the goal post no matter how bad, or hard one tries.

No Mercy!

For those who aren’t strangers to repeated tragedies would know that bad luck is for real. With episodes of sheer bad luck, one could easily get assaulted by negative thoughts that could turn into mental monsters within no time. During times of demotivation, it might almost feel like one has signed a no-mercy petition with life, where one will always be on the receiving end of pain, grief, and sorrow. Nothing hurts harder in life than to come to terms with the realization that the universe is always conspiring against you. It turns out that the demons of life are working full-time to sucker punch you. It dawns on you. Life sucks!

The Extreme Step!

Granted, some of the depressed individuals call it quits and try to kill themselves to part away with the sensation of overwhelming disappointment. Ironically, these individuals get so quick in accepting defeat that they prematurely end the small time they had on this planet. Here’s what most suicidal survivors had to say, ““What the shit did I just do? I didn’t really want to end my life!” They wanted to end their pain and not their lives. It was just the weakest moment, where the suicidal thoughts dominated their minds. As such, it’s a natural tendency to move in the direction of the dominant thoughts. At the heat of the moment, “You might think that you want to die, but in reality, you just want to be saved.” It’s very important to recognize this distinction. All one needs to do is WAIT for the dominant thoughts to pass before they get influenced into action.


Suicide is nothing more than a sad cry for help. It does NOT end the pain. It simply passes the pain from the deceased to their near and dear ones. The most painful goodbyes are suicides. It’s one of those mistakes that one won’t live to regret. Unfortunately, the loved ones will be left with no choice but to live with the pain and grief for the rest of their lives. If suicide isn’t cowardly, then leaving behind a legacy of grief definitely is. The deceased might think that it will be all over but for those who are left behind, it’s just the start. Think of it for a moment, when life isn’t permanent, how can your problems be permanent?

Deleting one’s existence from life will not only harm the family but the entire community. The worst part is that suicide does not eliminate the chances of one’s life better any worse, but it does end the chances of it getting any better. One’s failures might not be used as a bad example because there’s always this chance of a comeback. However, suicide will be used as a bad example. Even those who survived a suicidal attempt don’t feel any better than before. The overwhelming weight of shame and guilt only adds fuel to the fire. Who the hell wants all of it when life already sucks? Even if you find yourself in such a situation, keep your emotions in check. We have all taken decisions in life that we aren’t proud about. Coming back to suicide, it never was and will never be a solution because it will only leave behind everlasting sadness, whether one survives or not.

Going on!

Interestingly, there is a surprising list of famous people who contemplated suicide at some stage of their lives. From J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter to Britney Spears, they all considered suicide when life tested their nerves. However, they not managed to survive, but also turn their lives around. Part of being human means living a life of ups and down. By rejecting the painful experiences of life, we would only be rejecting a big part of our lives. Every painful incident comes with a lesson that can transform one into a better person. We can either grow bitter or better from them. With no problems, we will never develop character. Someone rightly says, “I am not going through bad days, I am going through character building days.”

Survive and Grow

With struggles comes strength. Without the setbacks of life, there is no way to gain enough wisdom and maturity to lead a happy life. It’s part and parcel of the multi-faceted, magnificent adventure we call…life. So, ask those negative thoughts to take a backseat. Tell your problems, that you are stronger than them, and fasten your physiological seatbelt to take life head on. One day, you will be proud that you never gave up. Yesterday was hard, today was worse, but remember there’s always a tomorrow. There’s no telling what the future has in store for one and all. Let God take the driving seat. He bought you on this planet, and he has every intention of fulfilling all the dreams that he has placed in your heart no matter how the odds are stacked against you.

There’s Hope!

Every problem, no matter how permanent it may appear at the moment, has a lifetime of its own. It will end or lead to something better unexpectedly. Ask the motivational speaker and self-made millionaire, Nick Vujicic who was born with NO ARMS AND NO LEGS about how adversity can lead to a stronger city. Life may not always get easier, but you will get stronger. So, never ever run away from the gift of adversity. The same adversity that causes some men to break causes others to break records. As they say, there is light at the end of every tunnel. Your tunnel may be longer than others, but the light does exist at the end of it. So, be brave and hang in there because you will never see the light at the end of the tunnel until you walk through the darkness!