Nutrition Facts & Health Benefits Of Cloves

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Love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it. It’s one of the unsung heroes in our everyday diet. Healthy eaters and several chefs will stand by cloves through thick and thin. Available throughout the year, the nutritional profile of cloves is pretty impressive. Cloves are found to be rich in manganese and Vitamin K. Moreover, they are a wonderful source of iron, calcium and dietary fiber. In fact, they are jam-packed with minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrients. Healthy and cheap, they enjoy a great lifespan. Whole cloves can be preserved for at least a year. Being highly flavorful, a tiny portion is enough to enhance your dish.

Nutritional Content in 100 gram of cloves

100 gram of cloves contains around 275 calories. The micronutrient breakup would be as follows. 100 gram serving of cloves contains 65g carbohydrate, 20g of fat, 13g of total lipids, 6g of protein, 2g of sugars, 33g of dietary fiber and 274 kcal of energy. As one can gauge, cloves are low in calories and rich in various nutrients compared to other spices. So, don’t go by their small size. They offer giant size health benefits. So, let’s take a look at the health benefits of cloves.

Health Benefits of Cloves

Cure Toothaches

When a toothache hits you while you are least guarded, cloves can come to your rescue even in the middle of the night. By holding on to a few whole cloves on the sore tooth for about 30 minutes can provide short-term relief from an unhappy tooth until one can get to a dentist to deal with the underlying issue. Clove contains Eugenol, an ingredient, which is a part of a dentist’s kit due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Liver Cleansing

Cleansing the liver is critical because it filters harmful wastes and allows all the right stuff to pass through. In other words, our liver acts as a nightclub bouncer for us. Since cloves contain a good amount of antioxidants, they protect our liver from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Immune Booster

Cloves play a great role in purifying our blood. Also, they increase the white blood cells in our body. As a result, they boost our immune system and help us combat various health ailments.

Overcoming Morning Sickness

Studies show that cloves provide instant relief from morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting. One simply needs to prepare a nice mixture by adding 8 to 10 cloves to tamarind and water.

Reducing Stomach Pain

Cloves are known for stimulating our body’s enzymes and also for boosting our digestive system. Hence, they are found to be good for our stomach health as well. One can consume powdered cloves with a little bit of honey to find relief from digestive problems.

Cancer Prevention

Recent studies have shown that cloves can be helpful in preventing ovarian, lung, and breast cancer since they have anti-carcinogenic properties. Although these studies are subject to more research, cloves have been in use for treating a host of health ailments since ancient times.

Enhancement in Sexual Health

Cloves increase the sexual libido and have properties that can be instrumental in treating infertility. Cloves can heat up the body naturally by stimulating one’s sexual organs. Therefore, they can prove to be a superb sex booster.

Fight Asthma

Those with asthma can also benefit from the intake of cloves. What one should do over here is boil 5 to 6 cloves in a glass of water, followed by a teaspoon of honey. For best results, one should prepare and consume this drink, twice a day.

Reduce Stress

Cloves can act as a stress buster as well. When mixed with mint, cardamom, and water, one can make a flavored tea for stress relief and good health. So, don’t underestimate this simple spice from your kitchen.

Controlling Diabetes

Cloves act like insulin in the body. Once inside the body, they transport excess sugar from the body to the body cells. This function helps in regulating sugar levels in one’s body.

Cloves can also reduce body pain and inflammation. Due to the antibacterial properties, they can help one overcome the problem of flatulence, cough, high cholesterol, and respiratory issues as well. Basically, cloves are a powerhouse of health benefits. Ayurvedic practitioners have been using them since ancient times. It’s a wonder product that continues to amaze researchers with its growing list of health beneficial properties.