Fat LOSS: Are you a dieter with self-defeated thoughts?

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Is losing fat or staying fat harder for you? Your reply won’t change the fact that you are up against a formidable enemy. After all, the weight loss battle is not for the faint of hearts. The enemy’s arsenal is filled with pounds of ugly fat, while you are armed with pure willpower. Your willpower might have helped you win many battles, but the war is far from over. As soon as you drop your guard, the enemy will appear out of nowhere to sabotage all your efforts. You might have already given up living off McDonald’s and cold drinks, but the opposition still finds a way to win. You know that it’s not all your fault. However, the excess body fat steps in over and over again for yet another battle of a lifetime. The repeated comebacks have now left you with doubts over your own abilities. The chances are that you might have already given up by believing on those self-defeating thoughts. It may appear to you that the fat funeral will never ever take place. Alas, you keep losing over and over again!

Following the perfect mindset

Goes without saying, dieting and regular training are both difficult. It requires one to harness one’s will in order to stay in the game. Therefore, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. With so much emphasis being placed on food and exercise, people fail to realize that mental toughness is the most critical component over here. Before one adapts to a certain weight loss mission, one must undergo a mental makeover to break free from the old habits. Replace the bad habits with good ones if you cannot withdraw them all at once. For instance, you can have a fruit or a protein shake when you feel the urge to consume something sweet. Without the mental toughness, it’s hard to keep frustrations and disappointments at bay. So, stop looking for the perfect diet, look for the perfect mindset.

Be the best at getting better

Let’s imagine that you are the highest paid movie star in your country. How well will you treat yourself? Most of us would treat our body with nutritious and delicious food and also enjoy every minute of the workout. This mindset is the key over here. It’s not only the best way to start, but it’s also the best way to pursue one’s goal for the rest of one’s lifetime. Those who look at exercise and dieting as a burden generally do not succeed in their mission. On the other hand, those who adapt it as an enjoyable strategy for a lifetime succeed sooner or later. Dieting and training do not mean scarifying the good things in life or denying pleasure. Instead, both dieting and exercise should give you the pleasure of being fit and healthy. So, the best way to get better is to treat oneself in the best possible manner to ensure most compliance in exercise and dieting, which plays a critical role in weight loss.

Be a finisher!

To stand high on the mountain of success won’t be an easy job. However, it’s possible for one for all. Remember, it’s not your body, that’s giving up. It’s your head. Only you have the ability to summon your deepest values when you feel like giving up. Remember, successful people are not born tough. The thing that separates them from the rest is that they keep their motivation in the forefront of their minds at all times. This helps them to push themselves even during the rainy days of life. There is no reward for showing up at the gym, half-assing a workout and then heading home. It doesn’t matter how much calories you eat or burn, if your head isn’t right, things will not go right for you. For getting better or worse, your mental toughness will ultimately decide how well you will fare in your weight loss mission.  So, tighten your psychological seatbelt and get ready to get tough and thin!